Our Team

The Blue Cross is a Non-profit, Registered Society recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India working for the welfare of animals since 1992.

Office Bearers
Chairperson - Amala AkkineniHon.Secretary - Heera Rupani
Hon.President - Parveen LyngdohHon.Treasurer - Aparna Rao
Hon.Vice President - Amita Talwar Hon.Shelter Director - Padmaja Yeddinapudi

The Office Bearers are volunteers and do not get any honorarium. Office Bearers and Governing Committee meet every month to oversee the workings of the organization. Any grievances can be addressed to the Hon. President or Shelter Director to be dealt with suitably: bluecrosshyd@gmail.com

Our Staff


The Blue Cross employs professional staff to conduct all animal welfare services. Our staff consist of Veterinary Doctors, Surgeons, Para Veterinary Assistants, Education Officer, Shelter Director, Accountant, Supervisor and Rescue Co-ordinator, Rescue Drivers cup para Vets, Animal Handlers/ care givers. They are all overseen and guided by our Shelter Directors. Staff meetings and training are conducted between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm daily.

All activities are supported by donations from kind individuals and are entitled to 80G Tax exemption. Donate Now